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Southern Sleep Studies
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AASM Accredited AASM Accredited
Welcome. Welcome to Southern Sleep Studies

Southern Sleep Studies is located is Fayetteville, Georgia. It is a complete sleep diagnostic center. We have fully trained and certified sleep study technicians.

Southern Sleep Studies is a two-bed center. Each room is handicap accessible with  personal bathroom facilities. Each room has a supply of oxygen, camera for viewing patients during sleep, a PA system, and has accessible contact with a technician. The patient’s privacy is highly preserved.

What is Sleep Apnea?

It is a medical disorder that causes a patient to stop breathing for periods of time during sleep. This can happen hundreds of time during sleep. This condition can make you very tired during the day. Being tired can disrupt your daily functions, e.g. poor concentration, mood swings, irritability, and equilibrium. 

This condition can lead to more serious medical problems if it is not treated e.g. high blood pressure and heart problems. 

Your health care provider may recommend sleep studies to assist with diagnosis. There are different types of studies and we offer:

  • PSGs or Polysomnograms
  • C-PAP and/or BI-PAP Titrations
  • MSLT or Multiple Sleep Latency Test

These studies can accurately diagnosis sleep disorders.

If you would like more information on healthy sleep & sleep disorders please click here

Common Sleep Facts
  • An estimated 10-30% of adults snore according to the AmericanAcademy of Sleep Medicine
  • The heart which works day and night, slows down during sleep
  • Your sleeping pattern shifts as you grow older
  • People who work rotating shifts often find it difficult to get enough sleep
  • Eating heavy or spicy foods before bed can interfere with your sleep by causing heartburn
  • Disturbed sleep is one of the many symptoms of depression.
  • Insomnia disturbs your waking hours as well as your sleeping hours.
  • Have you heard this before?
    “My spouse said I stopped breathing while I was asleep!”
    If so then you may suffer from OSAS or Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome.
  • The most common complaint of people with OSAS is excessive daytime sleepiness.
  • Relaxation, exercise, and meditation are sometimes beneficial in controlling sleep problems .